Finding common cause against date rape, sexual abuse and harassment

Not Just Me is an online registry for those who have suffered or witnessed date rape, sexual abuse or harassment. Victims and witnesses can submit confidential incident reports, and then be notified of others who have experienced or observed an incident with the same person. They can then message each other anonymously through our system, until they decide to share personal contact information and/or take coordinated legal action. No names or other information are ever publicly visible.

How will it work?

Create an account

Sign up for an anonymous account. Your identity is never asked for or divulged.

Submit a report

Tell what has happened to you, or
someone you have witnessed.

System checks for matches

Our system automatically checks the database for matching reports.

System notifies you

You receive an e-mail with details of any other reports involving the same individual.

Compare and confirm details

Correspond safely and anonymously with others who have submitted those reports.

Take action

Share personal contact information, and take coordinated action, only if you choose.

What's in a name?

The name "Not Just Me" means three things:

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